Metamorphosis Installation; Cooper Union, NY, 2015; Acrylic on Shaped Industrial Grade Aluminum Sheets, 84x180x72 inches


My initial aesthetic interest in creating installations flows out of Postmodern, Deconstructive architecture and everything exclusive that is associated with that style: uncertainty, absurdity and incongruity plus the blending of a variety of styles together that might include ancient and conventional, modern and contemporary, or even completely new and inventive forms. Both fragmentation and the reassembling of elements in surprising and unexpected ways have strong parallels to my own post Iranian view of the world, beginning with my arrival in the United States.

Metamorphosis installation was highly influenced by Cooper Union NAB in New York city, designed by architect Thom Mayne of Morphosis.
The gray tone color and usage of aluminum sheets are all reflected in this piece. Audience could enter inside of the installation and the way inside was painted was very minimal and referred to seeing the outside through a glass.