Inside Out

Inside Out, Maze Gallery, Montgomery College, Silver Spring, MD, 2014

My interest in dynamic forms occupying significant yet intangible spaces led to a series of fragmented, futuristic cityscapes painted on shaped wooden panels.
The shape of each support is unique and painted on both sides: one side in black and white and the other in multiple colors, as if viewing the image reflected in wet glass.
The entirety of the forms used in this installation to interact to produce surprising sequences of repetition, associations between structures, and even imply sensations, sounds, light, and even smells.

Specific influences came from viewing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the tallest building in the world), and other skyscrapers located in New York City and Chicago. In addition, I evoked my reactions to the 2010 film Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan, bewilderment sensation, confusion between dreams verses reality, and endless visions of shifting, roiling architecture.